Yellow Thread - The Meaning Behind The Name

Since launching Yellow Thread, one of the most commonly asked questions has been “Why ‘Yellow Thread’? What does that mean?” and people are forever suggesting I add more yellow into my branding or have a signature yellow thread stitched into the garments somewhere…. But the truth is, ‘Yellow Thread’ has nothing to do with the colour yellow… not really.

When I first started college at the Australian Institute of Creative Design, I couldn’t sew to save myself! So much so that garment construction days were the most frustrating and disheartening days of my week.

One day I was sitting at my machine completely defeated just looking at the skirt I was trying to sew and thinking to myself ‘this really shouldn’t be so hard!’ And so, I got up, and I rethreaded my machine with bright yellow thread (my favourite colour) and that one small change made my day just a little more bearable and helped give me the strength I needed to finish that skirt.  

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As an ethical clothing label, Yellow Thread aims to make even the slightest difference to the lives of those working in the garment construction industry. By making small changes to the way we produce our clothes, and to the way we, as consumers, choose to buy, wear, and look after our clothes; we can brighten the lives of the people working in the garment industry.

S+F Clothing Manufacturer. Made with Love. Team building. Empowering garment workers. Who made my clothes?

But 'Yellow Thread' is not just about ethical sourcing or sustainable choices, it is also about bringing joy back to fashion. By designing practical features into the garments, such as pockets, built-in bras, removable winter linings etc. I aim to empower women, to inspire joy, and allow them to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear! 

Yellow Thread is not about the colour yellow. It’s about the notion of making a small change to make a big difference. It’s about being the light in someone’s darkness. It’s about a kind future for the fashion industry, and It's about feeling comfortable and confident in our clothes. 

Yellow Thread – A brand for change.

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LilMiss October 24 2019

Oh wow, how interesting!
Thank you for sharing with us, I’m glad you didn’t give up. What an inspiring story.

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